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Street Manager and the Gazetteer - episode 3

Blog by Marisa Hayes, NSG Custodian at East Sussex Highways

I recently provided an update to GeoPlace and the regional chairs of the national network of Street Custodians. It went a little something like this:

Since Go Live, the majority of focus has rightly been on fixing bugs, improving the user experience, and preparing for Open Data. There have been some big advances in the last few weeks plus an awful lot of work in the background which the average user doesn’t see and of course all of this is being prepared to go into the second version of the API in November. Nothing and no-one can afford to stand still!

The work of the Governance Group is to try to prioritise the workflow – particularly in the big tasks or the Epics.. It’s a real juggling act as we just have to accept that this really is an Agile project and we can’t have our cake and eat it – not even the crumbs!

Enhanced Associated Street Data mapping has come into play with an optional ”show on map” indicating start and end points. The NSG has now fallen into the background for the time-being and it will be quite some time before it becomes high up the schedule…

In the absence of a clear solution to displaying public / private streets in Street Manager, the availability of Type 3 Streets – ie Road Numbers though One.Network or other websites might aid both utilities and highway authorities in identifying the maintenance of a street at ESU level.

The following Gazetteer-related issues are held centrally with Richard Groombridge at GeoPlace. If you feel there are additions / gaps, please contact Richard with details:

  • District IDs in the Gazetteer and duplication of work to re-create Geographic views in Street Manager
  • Copy Notices – and the requirement for these in the HAUC England Streetworks Code of Practice
  • Local Maintenance Agreements to be displayed in Street Manager
  • Cross Ref to Type 3 Streets to be displayed
  • Street Status - ie Prospectively Maintainable
  • Streets for Addressing Purposes only
  • Footpaths

Finally, it’s time for me to move on from East Sussex Highways after 4 years as Custodian, and in fact I have the great pleasure of joining GeoPlace in November.

My final message to all is to keep up the communication between your Co-ordination / Streetworks Teams and the Streets Custodian. Ensure your Custodian has access to Street Manager – after all its not going to cost a penny more and they can see what the User is seeing.

The Road Map for Street Manager (revised September 2020)

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