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Street Manager – a month in

Blog by Marissa Hayes, NSG Custodian at East Sussex Highways

And what a month it’s been!

We’ve asked lots of questions and we’ve had lots of answers – not always what we wanted to hear- but in the first month of Street Manager we’ve learnt a lot!

Overall, the long-awaited launch of the future of Streetworks in England has been a smooth process and the team at DfT must be pretty happy: The system has not fallen over and thousands of permits have been handled so far – either via API or in UI. There are still numerous outstanding bugs and fixes – particularly on the data interrogation and list page functions but the voice of the user is being heard and this is what Street Manager is all about. The Governance Group is made up of product users – using either UI, API or a hybrid of both.

The Slack channel has been particularly useful in picking up on trends and work arounds and in the coming few weeks the Service Desk will be updated to enable a broader view of all tickets. Hopefully, this will assist in visibility and help avoid duplication in terms of fixes.

The Governance Group has been asked to consider a variety of issues on behalf of the community from “auto-granting” immediate-urgent permits to the next release of open data. In addition to the newsletter, the Street Manager team has released a “talking points” update to encourage further discussion and feedback to the representatives – more focused on the streetworks / permitting side. On a number of these outstanding issues, the group felt they wanted to know a little more about the volume of permits affected before committing to a particular solution. The joy of an agile project is that these changes need not be set on stone (unless governed by legislation) so we will no doubt be able to flex the agility in months to come.

Above all, the ongoing dialogue between promotors and authorities has been encouraging and where things have not worked completely as expected, there have been agreements and solutions.

There is little to report on the Gazetteer front, although the issues arising from the way Private Streets are represented in Street Manager will create an additional piece of work. There is also some work to be done on improving the presentation of the Associated Street Data.

I wanted to say a thank you to all who responded the survey which was circulated by GeoPlace in June. It came up with some interesting comments and confirmed what I had thought that in some cases, the connection between the Gazetteer and StreetWorks still remains uncharted territory.

As always, I am happy to take any questions or comments – you can reach me at [email protected] , although a much needed rest is on the horizon during August!



Governance Group Contacts:

Service Desk


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