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DfT Evaluation Procurement - Street Works Lane Rental

DfT has issued the following to specialists within the industry..

"I am writing to draw your attention to a current procurement exercise that we have published, which we hope that you might consider bidding for. The full specification and details are available at

This project is primarily looking for strong interviewing and analytical skills, and the collation of qualitative and quantitative data.

In the last 2-3 years, the Department for Transport has approved 2 Highway Authorities to pioneer the use of ‘Lane Rental' for works taking place in their streets by utility companies and authorities' own contractors , operating within regulations and guidance from the Department – please see:

Lane Rental is a tool aimed at enabling them to better manage their road network, and reduce disruption for local residents and road users. The scheme allows the authorities concerned (Transport for London and Kent County Council) to apply charges for works promoters working on the busiest streets at the busiest times. The concept is that the works promoter can avoid or reduce the charges by working at less busy times, or developing new techniques or technology. Both authorities have produced interim reports, and have recorded some positive results in terms of reducing congestion. This follow-up evaluation project seeks to provide further evidence of:

• How the utility companies and contactors have responded to the introduction, and what it has meant for them in terms of costs and operational behaviour.

• How the 2 schemes are operated, and the differences in results that this has delivered.

We realise that Street Works is a complex and somewhat specialist area. With that in mind, we are looking to separately procure expertise in the areas of Street Works legislation and operation, and more specifically Lane Rental to provide support to the successful bidder, to avoid the need for a strong understanding of the specific area in order to consider this work.

We hope that you will take some time to have a look at the specification, and consider whether this piece of work might be appropriate for the skills within your organisation.

Please address any queries through the link on the contracts finder page."

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