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JAG(UK) annual report 2018

JAG(UK) has published its annual report setting out its achievements gained through 2017/2018 and its work plan and priorities for 2018/2019.

Specific Tasks JAG (UK) will be undertaking for 2018/2019

- Continued support for DfT on the Street Manager Project – Alpha and Beta phases and other priorities

- Support Wales in exploring the benefits of permit schemes and other priorities

- Support Scotland in the Transport Bill rollout and other priorities and represent Scottish Authorities and meetings as appropriate

- Support Northern Ireland

- Provision of industry guidance for electrical charging points

- Working with DCMS and DfT to agree protocols, standards and set up performance framework for the Fibre Framework

- Develop training for members

- Develop support for permit scheme roll out

- Develop support for potential lane rental expansion

- Develop stronger links with LGA

- Reinvigorate our web site with new content

- Improve member communications

- Continue the Code reviews on SROH, Training and Accreditation, and Coordination

- Help drive the HAUC(UK) business plan

- Continue to push sustainable Innovation within the industry

- Continue performance reviews BT and Virgin Media

- Undertake further joint NSG/JAG(UK) joint sessions to ensure coordination between all areas of Street works and street management responsibilities in local government

See the report here.

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