Working Groups Working Groups

JAG(UK) collaborates with National Joint Utilities Group (NJUG) on a range of industry focused subjects through various National HAUC working groups. Each group has a JAG(UK) lead and members. These people are there to represent the interests of the whole JAG community. Terms of reference detail the scope of each group's activities which can include implementation of new regulations, changes to Codes Of Practice or producing advice notes and guidance.

HAUC(UK) Systems

The purpose of this Group will be to consider inconsistences within the EToN Technical Specification, legislation and other documentation. To act unbiasedly in the best interests of the sector to ensure that the best practices are developed. This group is made up of highway and utility officers only.

Terms of Reference

Current News:

The group is aiming to get out some permit modification advice very soon and a update document on the recent work of the group is at the final draft stage.

We have a list of unresolved questions that we are going to pass onto the Eton Developers Group for comment, some of these items cannot be resolved without changes to the technical specification, (and this is unlikely to happen in the near future) but there maybe work-arounds that can be explored.

  • Authority lead: Phil Cameron
  • Vicky Gent – South Gloucestershire
  • Paul Chandler – Westminster City Council
  • Jennifer Hull – St Helens
  • Phil Cameron – Gloucestershire County Council

HAUC(UK) Communications

The purpose of this group is to ensure that relevant messages are sent out to the community, helping with the writing of the HAUC(UK) newsletter, keeping members up to date about changes and the like. The group ensures that the JAG(UK) is represented at all events/roadshows.

  • Authority lead: Phil Cameron
  • Phil Cameron: Gloucestershire County Council
  • Paul Chandler: Westminster City Council
  • Jenny Hull: St Helens Council
  • Mike Young: South Wales Trunk Road Agency
  • Jerry McConkey: Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council

HAUC(UK) Conference

(Sub-group of Communications working group)

The group is a sub group of the main communications group and its sole purpose is to produce a national conference for and on behalf of HAUC(UK) and support in part the regional events.

  • Authority lead: David Capon
  • Phil Cameron: Gloucestershire County Council
  • Roger Culpin: Durham County Council
  • Jerry McConkey: Sefton Council
  • Gerry Bryne: Department for Regional Development Northern Ireland
  • Fiona McInnes: Scottish RAUC
  • Mike Young: South Wales Trunk Roads
  • David Capon: JAG(UK)

HAUC(UK) Coordination

The Working Group will consider issues raised about the Co-ordination Code of Practice, or by the Permits Forum, and decide whether clarification is needed either as a HAUC(UK) advice note or in the EToN Technical Specification. 

Among other things the Working Group may be called on to consider or provide advice or guidance on matters to support effective co-ordination of works.

National Coordination Working Group terms of reference

  • Authority lead: Joanne Heal
  • Joanne Heal: Wiltshire Council
  • Paul Matthews: Transport for London
  • Gary Thomas: Neath Port Talbot
  • Paul Evans: Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Brian Foxton: London Borough of Camden

HAUC(UK) Coring

(Sub-group to SROH working group)

Task and Finish Group that produced the Coring Advice Note. Unlikely to meet again in its current format.

  • Authority lead: David Capon

HAUC(UK) Diversionary Works

The purpose of the group is to produce and review codes of practice and advice notes relating to diversionary works as and when required by HAUC(UK).

This group is task orientated and will become active if required as and when legislation changes.

HAUC(UK) Inspections

The Working Group looks into all aspects of the Inspections Code of Practice. The present Group was convened in 2005 to revise the 2nd Edition of the CoP to remove anomalies and discrepancies and to include the Network Management Duty, s74 and Permit Inspections. The revised code is presently shelved and the Working Group has been tasked by HAUC(UK) to provide guidance on the anomalies within the "defects not causing danger" section of the Code. (Note: Scotland has a separate Inspections procedure.)

  • Authority lead: Roger Culpin
  • Roger Culpin: Durham County Council
  • Jerry McConkey: Sefton Council
  • Tony Pegrum: Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  • Colin Rivet: Wiltshire Council
  • Steve Daly: Conwy County Borough Council

HAUC(UK) Inspection Fees

This Group determines the level of the statutory Sample Inspection Fee (s75) and advises HAUC(UK) as to the level of s72 Inspection Fees and Third Party Inspection Fees. The s75 fee is written into Regulations and can't be changed without changes in regulation. (Note: Scotland determines its fees separately.)

This group has been incorporated into the Inspections Working Group.

  • Authority lead: Roger Culpin

HAUC(UK) Performance

The purpose of this group is to work alongside GeoPlace to encourage submissions of TPI data. The Group will also review the reporting output and has produced specific permit measures.

Phil Cameron remains the lead contact.  Other positions are vacant.  Membership of the group is made up of reps from JAG(UK), NJUG, the DfT and Geoplace.

Current News:

Performance Working Group, Anita Solanki (utility side Chair) and Phil Cameron have met with Sally Kendall from the DfT to discuss what we would like to see from the scorecard in the future.  We discussed future reporting, and with the help of Geoplace, are hoping to provide some utility specific reports that HA’s could use when comparing performance. We are also working on some comparison reports and will be moving this forward with two similar rural authorities and two city/metropolitan borough authorities. 

  • Authority lead: Phil Cameron

HAUC(UK) Permits Forum

To provide a forum for existing permit scheme promoters to share with prospective future authorities matters that they have learnt from during the development and implementation of existing permit schemes, and produce documents for approval as HAUC(UK) Advice notes. 

Permits Forum terms of reference

Current News:

The first meeting since new regional reps were appointed was held on 2 September.  The format is working very well with each Highway Authority member representing each of the HAUC regions as well as a representative from the Permit Advisory Group (PAG).  Items discussed included the HAUC England Permit Guidance document, response codes for permits and differing early start protocols – it was agreed that the latter items should be covered in the former document.  The group also discussed FPNs for retrospective permits and permits for coring.  Full details are detailed in the minutes which have been circulated to the regional reps. 

  • Authority lead: Helena Kakouratos
  • Helena Kakouratos: Transport for London - Chair
  • Jennifer Hull: St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council - Secretary
  • Sarah Widdows: Cambridgeshire County Council - Anglian JAG
  • Kevin Orledge: Surrey County Council - South East JAG
  • Robbie Redpath: North Tyneside Council - North of England JAG
  • Ffion Horton: Staffordshire County Council - West Midland JAG
  • Elaine Coope: Derbyshire County Council - East Midland JAG
  • Paul Chandler: City of Westminster- London JAG
  • Sean Fisher: Kirklees Council - Yorkshire JAG
  • Phil Cameron: Gloucestershire County Council - South West JAG
  • Andy Bithell: Chesire West and Chester Council - North West JAG
  • David Latham: Kent County Council - HAUC England
  • Sam Guiver: Essex County Council - Permit Advisory Group

HAUC(UK) Records

The group looks at improving access to Utility plant records to reduce risks on site.

This group is task orientated and will become active if required as and when legislation changes.

HAUC(UK) Safety

There are five members of this task group: a DfT representative (Gereint Killa), an NJUG member (Paul Gerrard - National Grid Gas), a JAG member (Phil Cameron - Gloucestershire County Council), a contractor (Tom Lambert - Balfour Beatty) and finally an HSE rep (Mark Hatfield).

The group is dealing with some inaccuracies that have come to light and is providing advice and answers as a "one stop shop". Issues which arise with elements of the Code should be sent in the first instance to Phil Cameron.

  • Authority lead: Phil Cameron


The group aims to help regulate and promote best practice within the industry and seeks to ensure that reinstatement meets national standards in terms of performance and safety as outlined in the specification/Code of Practice.

The Specification is a Code of Practice outlines a national standard applicable to all Undertakers when carrying out reinstatement as a part of executing street works. Broadly, the Specification and its appendices prescribe materials that may be used, the expected standards of workmanship and performance standards to be complied with at both interim and permanent reinstatement stages for the duration of the Guarantee Period. There is a strong focus in the Specification on sustainability by encouraging the first time completion of permanent reinstatements, material recycling and the reuse of materials to minimise the carbon footprint of the reinstatement operation.

  • Authority lead: David Capon
  • Gerry Bryne: Department for Regional Development Northern Ireland
  • Ken Evans: Welsh Authorities
  • Steve Hodges: Caerphilly County Borough Council
  • Katrina Quane: South Lanarkshire Council
  • Emma Loach: Staffordshire County Council
  • Paul Wilkins: London Borough of Enfield
  • Colin Rivett: Wiltshire Council
  • David Capon: JAG(UK)

HAUC(UK) Training & Accreditation

To facilitate consultation and make representation to HAUC(UK) on matters relating to training and accreditation with regard to the New Roads and Streets Works Act 1991.

Training and Accreditation Working Group terms of reference


  • Authority lead: Robert Hudleston
  • Steve Bender: City of London
  • Robert Hudleston: Network Rail
  • Susan Ewart: Transport Scotland
  • Mark Wilson: Transport for London
  • Gereint Killa: Department for Transport
  • Paul Chandler: JAG(UK)
  • Gerry Bryne: Department for Regional Development Northern Ireland
  • Ian Law: London Borough of Southwark
  • Katrina Quane: South Lanarkshire Council
  • Ben Beachell: Welsh Government
  • Ewen Milligan: Transport Scotland
  • Keith Davenport: Warwickshire County Council 
  • Lindsay Henderson: Office of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner