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JAG Council JAG Council

How we are organised

JAG(UK) achieves its aims predominantly through the voluntary contribution of expertise and time from officers in its member organisations. The JAG(UK) Governing Council meets every six months to plan, allocate and monitor the Group's activities, and to prepare for representation at the HAUC(UK) meetings.

The governing structure:

Officers of the group

  • Chair – appointed by agreement of the regional and national Chairs and serving for an agreed term, not normally less than two years
  • Vice-Chair and Chair elect – similarly appointed
  • Secretary
  • Communications Officer
  • The national Chairs of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland highway authority organisations
  • The Chairs, or nominated representative, of the English region organisations
  • The Highways Co-Chair of HAUC(UK)
  • The Chair of the Strategy and Research Group.
  • Ex officio: (retired members as agreed by the Council)
  • Chairs of Working Groups to report on their activities
  • Plus, by invitation: representatives of other authorities as appropriate, including the Highways Agency, Network Rail, National Traffic Manager's Forum, Department for Transport and the National Street Gazetteer (NSG)
  • Others, as agreed by the Governing Council.

View the JAG(UK) Council Terms of Reference.


Our relationship with HAUC(UK) and NJUG

JAG(UK) representatives at every level contribute to the work of the highway authorities and utilities developing efficient collaboration with utility works promoters to reduce traffic disruption from operations. JAG(UK) is represented at HAUC(UK) by the three national chairs, two English regional chairs and the JAG Chair and Vice-Chair.

The Secretary provides assistance to the Highways side of HAUC(UK) and also attends. Position papers and guidance notes adopted by the highway authorities' organisations are offered to HAUC(UK) at the equivalent organisational level, as the basis for adopting agreed guidance. Members also provide the highway side input to HAUC(UK) working groups. As well as working with the utilities on shared guidance and codes, the regional and national authority organisations contribute to dispute resolution and assist in interpreting the Codes of Practice in the real context of local operations.

Phil Cameron
  • Phil Cameron
  • JAG(UK) National Chair
  • Gloucestershire County Council

Phil currently holds the position of Gloucestershire's Traffic Manager and has been involved in the street works industry for a number of years. Phil is also plays a prominent role in street works both regionally and nationally being regional chair of both South West JAG and South West HAUC . Phil has also been instrumental in bringing the performance scorecard work forward and the changes to the safety and street works code of practice. Phil is keen to develop systems and working practices that help the industry.

Jerry McConkey
  • Jerry McConkey
  • Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council

Jerry has been a prominent figure within the industry for a number of years both regionally and nationally. Currently Traffic Manager at Sefton Council , Jerry also holds the position of Joint Chair of HAUC(UK) having previously been Chair of JAG(UK). Chair HAUC(UK) focusses on strategy and communications. Jerry has also sat on a number of important committees and is also an integral part of the HAUC Conference process.

Jenny Hull
  • Jenny Hull
  • JAG(UK) National Vice Chair
  • St Helens Council

Jenny has worked in Engineering at St Helens Council for nearly 20 years, playing a significant role in the delivery of Highway Maintenance and Traffic Services. Jenny also leads the Street Works team and was responsible for project managing St Helens' permit scheme application. Jenny has chaired the Merseyside District Engineers Street Works Sub Group and contributes to JAG NW. She is the secretary for the National Permits Forum and also sits on the HAUC Systems and HAUC Communications Working Groups.