Strategy and Research Strategy and Research

Strategy and Research Group purpose

The JAG(UK) constitution requires that the role of the Strategy and Research Group is to determine it's national strategy and policy and it is set up as detailed in the JAG(UK) Governance document.

The Strategy and Research Group takes the central role in the direction of JAG(UK). For the agenda of group meetings, as well as chairs and representatives, view the Strategy and Research Terms of Reference.

Current priorities for the group:

  •     changes of permits guidance
  •     new HAUC(UK) constitution and how HAUC England links to it
  •     operation and management of JAG(UK) website
  • Steve Daly
  • JAG(UK) Strategy Chair
  • Steve Daly: Conwy County Borough Council
  • David Capon: JAG(UK)
  • Jerry McConkey: Sefton Council
  • Roger Culpin: Durham County Council
  • Gerard O'Toole: Transport for London
  • Steve Bender: City of London
  • Paul Chandler: Westminster City Council
  • David Armitage: Aberdeenshire Council
  • Phil Cameron: Gloucestershire County Council
  • Colin Rivett: Wiltshire Council